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Download resources for some of our most popular projects. Teacher notes, student notes and classroom videos. All projects are fully resourced.

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Clipsters are here!

These great little connectors are super versatile allowing students to make and modify projects with ease. Clipster cars, clipster towers, clipster bridges, clipster cities.

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Get your head around using some great equipment plus a few helpful tricks. Watch these demonstrations.

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Plastics Forming

Explore the design possibilities with plastics forming processes.  Some great projects can be developed around easy to use equipment.

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CO2 Monitoring

The Vision CO2 monitor is an effective and inexpensive way to monitor the relative risk of airborne viral transmission in your school classrooms. The multicoloured display shows clearly when extra ventilation is required.

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Power Anchor Projects

PowerAnchor projects have been fully updated now with online content for students and teachers plus some nifty solutions to ensure that making is dead easy. The PowerAnchor now boasts data logging capability along with other great features.

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Teachers say:

  • “Our student’s response to the units we are running using Designability resources and products has been overwhelming. They all look forward to Design and Technology classes and our teaching team is excited to be part of this program. Thank you, Designability, for the encouragement and support with our STEM endeavours.”

    Kevin Robertson

    St John Paul II College, ACT

  • “I have been using Designability now for many years and the support and guidance offered is amazing. Through this relationship our school has been able to produce young designers that can cater solutions for 21st century genuine needs. It has been the skill development offered through Designability projects in the way of experimental design that has made our school and Design Department so successful.”

    Justin Munroe

    St Columba Anglican College, Port MacQuarie NSW

  • “We have developed our Design and Technology course with the intention of underpinning it with a strong STEM philosophy, and the designability products and resources have been an invaluable part of achieving this outcome.”

    Kevin Robertson

    St John Paul II College, ACT

  • “Designability are always professional, flexible and ready to assist with details of their products. They have great projects for providing creative development and applying technical knowledge in manufacturing a final product. Their electronic kits are one of the few in Australia that covers the ACARA standards in Design and Technology.”

    Heather Vandenrydt

    Karratha Senior High School, Karratha WA

  • “Designability has been an amazing resource in the delivery of our istem course. For any new schools considering their products I cannot recommend them enough.”

    Kerrod Kerr

    St Philip’s Christian College, Waratah NSW

  • “Thank you for your expertise and professionalism in assisting us to understand the concepts behind your innovative products and how they enhance the STEM learning experiences of our students. Further, the after sales service and product support has been outstanding.”

    Kevin Robertson

    St John Paul II College, ACT

About Us

We are passionate about what introducing students to the world of design can do.

The goal of every subject is to help students see the world a little differently, and to understand the world they live in. This is true also of a design education, and so our approach is two pronged: to help students understand materials and processes through making (design capability) and to help them understand the designed world (design awareness). Further to this, we believe that as the quality and status of the subject. continues to grow, so too will the quality of