Clipsters are here!

These great little connectors are super versatile allowing students to make and modify projects with ease. Clipster cars, clipster towers, clipster bridges, clipster cities. The possibilities are endless and your students won’t ever need to use hot glue again. Just push the parts together. Tight enough to hold, easy enough to pull apart. Your students will be able to make modifications on the fly and make several design solutions to test. This is STEM at its best. Clipsters are ideally paired up with laser-ply which Designability also supplies. Students can laser cut their parts knowing the connection system is simple. Clipsters are small (8.5mm wide) so they don’t get in the way of the overall design, plus they are totally reusable.


$145 bag of 500 Clipsters
$195 pack of laser ply 25 sheets 600 x 400mm