Photon Factor

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Photon Factor is an exciting project which offers many creative possibilities. An understanding of the minimalist design philosophy is central. "Less is more" is the approach. Students develop a range of design and making skills using a variety of thermoplastics.

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Our aim is to support teachers with all the resources needed to successfully run this unit of work in their classrooms. We provide all the materials and the less common equipment as well as classroom video, teaching notes and student sheets. The beauty of the Photon Factor project is that it can be run without expensive equipment.

Materials And Equipment

  • Hand drills
  • Plastic strip heater
  • Pop rivet guns
  • Scroll saws
  • Plastics oven (optional)
  • Polycarbonate
  • Polypropylene
  • Cord set
  • Lamp holder
  • Bulbs
  • Snap rivets
  • WashersPop rivets
  • Project video
  • Teaching programme
  • Teaching notes (student handouts and teacher notes)
  • Reference books

40 Watt Bulb


We no longer supply globes and now recommend buying size B22 globes direct from

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Polypropylene Sheet – Clear


This material is to suit the Photon Factor project. To be used in combination with the white polypropylene sheets. 1 sheet should provide for 4 students.

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Polycarbonate Sheet

Code: PFPC

Polycarbonate sheet 600mm x 100mm x 3mm. This sheet can be cut to size and used for bracketing in the Photon Factor Project. It is clear to let light pass through. I can be drilled and even bent on a sheetmetal folder.

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Cord, Switch, and lampholder

Code: PFCH

We no longer supply this part and recommend buying direct from CMI electrical. This assembly is a complete set to suit the Photon Factor Project. It includes the power socket as well as the lampholder which is used to affix it to the structure of the lamp. All wiring must be checked by a qualified …

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Polypropylene Sheet – White

Code: PFPP

Polypropylene sheets (700x1500mm) – White. This material is to suit the Photon Factor and ecolamp projects. For Photon Factor use in combination with the clear polypropylene sheets. 1 sheet should provide for 4 students. Cut into 30mm strips for the Ecolamp project. 1 sheet will do 2 classes.

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Washers – Box of 200

Code: PFRW

Polycarbonate sheet 600mm x 100mm x 3mm. These are used on the non stem end of pop rivets to give them greater surface area when riveting thin sheet material like polypropylene. Put the rivet through the material to be joined, put the washer over the rivet, and then snap the rivet with pop rivet pliers.

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Nylon Snap Rivets

Code: PFSR

These handy snap rivets are a good fastener. A great solution to joining the polypropylene in the Photon Factor project. No extra equipment required, these can be put on by hand.

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