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Alubind is an exciting Year 8 project which develops creativity, metalworking skills, and an understanding of 'Informalism' as a design philosophy. This project has a very high completion rate and students are delighted to take home and continue to use the final product. No prior metalworking knowledge is required, but by the end of the project students will have developed valuable skills and an appreciation of how the study of as design style help them develop design ideas.

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Our aim is to support teachers with all the resources needed to successfully run this unit of work in their classrooms. We provide all the materials and the less common equipment as well as classroom video, teaching notes and student sheets.

Materials And Equipment

  • Drilling machines
  • Work benches
  • Work vices
  • Pop rivet guns
  • Hammers
  • Clamps
  • Centre punches
  • Abrasive papers
  • Wire brush drill attachment (optional)
  • Metal polishes
  • De-burring tool (optional)
  • Sheet metal folder (optional)
  • Aluminium front piece
  • Aluminium back piece
  • d-clips
  • piano hinge
  • pop rivets - small head
  • pop rivets - large head
  • A5 paper

Pop Rivets – Large Head

Code: ABLR

4mm pop rivets for the Alubind project and the Photon Factor project. Box of 1000. Use these rivets to join the D-Clip to the back piece of the Alubind. The larger head holds onto the tricky polyproplylene in the Photon Factor project.

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Alubind – Front Piece

Code: ABFP

Front aluminium panel for the alubind project. This piece needs no floding, but as the front piece provides the main opportunity for design. It’s not a bad idea to complete the design work on the piece after drilling the 4 holes, but prior to joining. This makes it easier to work with.

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Alubind – Back Piece

Code: ABBP

Back aluminium panel for the alubind project comes with a protective sheet on one side. Ready to use. Edges will need smoothing with wet and dry paper. mark out the fold line with a scribe and a steel rule. It turns out that the average steel rule is the exact width of the spine of …

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Piano Hinge


Purchase these pre-cut hinges specifically for the Alubind project. They are cut shorter than the length of the aluminium front and back pieces so that there is some room for error.

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A5 Paper – 500 Sheets

Code: ABA5

Packet of A5 paper. Once students have completed their Alubind, they will want to insert some A5 paper to try it out. It’s the finishing touch that makes it a ‘real’ product, one that they will want to take home and use.

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Piano Hinge – 25m Roll


Purchase this in a bulk roll and then cut to any size you need. This is a nickel plated steel hinge with 4mm holes.

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Attaches to the inside back of the Alubind to hold the paper in place

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Pop Rivets – Small Head

Code: ABRS

4mm pop rivets for general use. Specifically for the Alubind project and the Photon Factor project. Ideally drill a 4.1mm hole for these rivets adn remember to de-burr any holes drilled into aluminium.

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