Power Anchor

Code: PA

The Power Anchor is a smart way of delivering power to car, ground effect vehicles and aircraft deign projects. The four 6V batteries (not included) housed in the base give the current required to run the motor on the vehicles.

The beauty of this is the vehicles aren¹t weighed down by batteries. You don¹t have to worry about any steering either because the vehicles are pulled around the Power Anchor by the same cable that delivers the current. The vehicle designs can be kept simple and when it comes to testing, results can be reliable because many of the variables are removed.

Unit price: $950.00

How to order:

Email your order to admin@designability.com.au. We will send the goods out with an invoice. To make card payments please call 1300 363 352

The Power Anchor is classroom tested and classroom ready. Designed by teachers for teachers, the particular needs of the learning environment have been kept in mind.

It is portable with the four 6V batteries fully enclosed in the base, there is no need to plug it in.It is sturdy, made from tough materials.It is easy enough to use that even young students can work independently. And it looks great which adds to the classroom excitement when doing project work.The Power Anchor is backed up with four great projects that are fully resourced with classroom video, teaching notes (including tips, outcomes and programme), student notes and worksheets. These are an outstanding resource which will enrich the learning experience of your students.


  • Power from four 6V batteries (not included) is delivered to two cars as they rotate around the unit.
  • Hand controllers allow the user to vary the power delivered.
  • The cables connecting the vehicles to the PowerAnchor are 2m long so an area approx 4m in diameter is required as well as a flat, non carpeted floor.
  • Attach the four legs (included) to raise the PowerAnchor for flight projects such as Skylap.

The four Power Anchor projects:

  • Race & Chase, a simple fixed pulley vehicle suitable for school years 5 to 8. Find out more
  • Helicar, a propeller driven car suitable for school years 7 - 9. Find out more
  • Protocar, an experimental flying car challenge suitable for school years 9 - 11. Find out more
  • Skylap, an airplane design project suitable for school years 7 - 10. Find out more
  • Downforce Racer, a rear-wheel driven, geared racing car using CNC technology suitable for school years 9-11. Find out more