Timed Night Light


This is a great project for teachers who want to introduce some electronics, but want to keep it simple and make sure the students take home something really useful.

The Timed Night Light project challenges students to design a stylish product using the electronics kit supplied as well as workshop materials chosen by the teacher. All students complete an identical electronics component of the project, but the real design comes in enclosing the technology in a suitable form.

Schools with a laser cutter, vacuum former or have CNC capability will find this project a great use of their technology.

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Our aim is to support teachers with all the resources needed to successfully run this unit of work in their classrooms. We provide all the materials and the less common equipment as well as teaching notes and student sheets. The beauty of the Timed Night Light project is that it can be run without expensive equipment.

Materials And Equipment

Fax your order to (02) 9789 5280. Please note the price below does not include GST. Teaching Resource Pack Download

Product Description Code Price
   2 x 220Kohm potentiometer    
   2 x 10Mohm potentiometer    
   1 x 47ohm resistor    
   2 x 10Kohm resistors    
   2 x 1Mohm resistors    
 Timed Night Light Project Kit  1 x LDR (light dependent resistor)  TLPK $7.50
   1 x colour changing (rainbow) LED    
   1 x 470uF capacitor    
   4 x N channel FETs    
   1 x PP3 clip leads    
   1 x 3AA battery holder    
   1 x timed night light PCB