Thrust, air flow, wind resistance, terminal velocity, apogee, deceleration, force. These concepts are always easiest to understand first hand, by making and testing. The Rocketman gives students this hands on experience and nothing beats the excitement of a student seeing their design launched skywards. The launcher boasts a solid construction - designed for the rigours of the school environment, providing repeatable and reliable launches. Students can vary the launch angle accurately to optimise the flight time.


Our aim is to support teachers with all the resources you need to successfully run this project in your classroom. We provide a teaching resource pack which includes teacher notes and student notes as well as the classroom video, as well as class packs of consumables.

Materials And Equipment

  • Rocket launcher and accessories
  • Cloth tape (to connect fins)
  • Cloth tape (to connect fins)
  • Air compressor or source of compressed air
  • Material for fins (eg: HIPS)
  • Water

PRICE: $1350 +GST