Pi Cap projects


The Pi Cap adds amazing features to any Raspberry Pi opening up an amazing range of project possibilities.

Capacitive Sensing hardware and software The Pi Cap uses the same robust capacitive sensing hardware as our Touch Board. Plus we’re porting our powerful libraries so that you can control and tune your sensors to your liking.

Connect your Pi to anything The Pi Cap has the same 12 electrodes along the top edge as the Touch Board. That means you can connect with Electric Paint, crocodile clips, M3 hardware or solder.

Audio Output Plug in your headphones for high quality audio output on any Raspberry Pi.

A Music Machine The Pi Cap will be useful for tons of projects, but out of the box its a music machine! Turn your Zero into a polyphonic sampler the first time you boot it up.

RGB Status LED The Pi Cap has an RGB status LED to let you know that its booting up, whether its recorded a touch and more. Plus, it shines neatly through one of the mounting holes in the Raspberry Pi Zero!

GPIO Breakouts Expansion space.

Setting up the Pi Cap on the Raspberry Pi Tutorial

Pi Cap Touch Measuring Wearable article



The computing power of the Raspberry Pi Zero combined with the physical prototyping power of …

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