Learn to solder kit pack of 25


Ideal low cost solution for teaching soldering in the classroom/after school club. The pack provides all of the parts and PCB's required for a class size of 25 and also includes a 9V battery for testing purposes. Each pack comprises; 25 x PCBs, 100 x 100 ohm resistors, 25 x LED's, and a 9V PP3 battery. Students solder four resistors and one LED to their PCB before pressing it to the terminals of the 9V battery to check that their board works. Using the guides they will be able to examine their own work and troubleshoot problems. The battery pads on the PCBs have been shaped inline with the battery terminals on a PP3 battery making it straightforward to see which way around it should be placed on the battery.

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  • 100 x 100 ohm Resistors.
  • 25 x Red 5mm Diffused LED - 275mCd.
  • 25 x Learn To Solder PCBs.
  • 1 x 9V Zinc Chloride PP3 Battery.

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Price: $32.50

Code: KLTS25