Electro Textiles


Electro Textiles has been specially designed so that electronics can be used in textiles. They allow lighting effects to be added to textiles designs without any soldering.

The system uses ‘conductive thread’ which is a thread that can be used like cotton thread but conducts like a wire. This has the benefit of large, easy to stitch connection points and clearly marked terminals which show the battery polarity.

The LEDs are super small and are easily stitched in by hand. The system is simple. Stitch in a battery holder and connect it to the LEDs using conductive thread. The parts are small and they are even washable, but make sure you remove the battery.

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Our aim is to support teachers with the resources needed to successfully run this unit of work in their classrooms. We provide complete kites as teaching resources are downloadable. The beauty of the MP3 Mono Amplifier project is that it can be run without expensive equipment.

Materials And Equipment

Fax your order to (02) 9789 5280. Please note the price below does not include GST. Electro Textile Teaching Resource Notes Download

This project kit is designed for 10 students.

Product Description Code  Price
   10 x 3v coin style batteries    
   10 x Battery holders    
Electro Textiles Project Kit  10 x Slide switches  ETPK $80.00
   1 x Conductive thread 45m    
   20 x LEDs RED    
   20 x LEDs WHITE (2 boards of 10)    
   20 x LEDs BLUE (2 boards of 10)