Your students will learn engineering concepts from first principles as they make, modify and optimise this geared racing car. To get the most out of their vehicle a good understanding of friction, downforce, weight and gear ratios is needed, and this comes through making the car and putting ideas to the test. Measuring speed, and comparing it with weight and gear ratio is an important step in this process. And when your students think they have the best car, it¹s time to race them against each other.

This project is rich with engineering content and backed up with a full set of teaching resources. Ideal for introduction to CAD and CNC machining, the teaching resource pack includes CAD tutorials and examples ready to send to your CNC router.

The teaching resource pack provides a rich source of ideas to help you inspire your students. All activities are design driven and encourage a deep understanding the engineering principles covered.

A full range of design activities are included in the student notes and the teacher’s notes help to guide through the delivery of the project. These include:

  • Information sheets on experimental car design
  • Homework questions
  • Research tasks
  • Concept sketching
  • Video questions
  • Working with balsa
  • Detailed design brief
  • Record of testing
  • Evaluation

The project pack also includes a 20 minutes classroom DVD which will inspire and instruct your students on the main concepts and making techniques including:

  • Downforce and gear ratios
  • Friction
  • CNC technology
  • CAD tutorial
  • Testing
  • Modifying and theorising


Our aim is to support teachers with all the resources you need to successfully run this project in your classroom. We provide a teaching resource pack which includes teacher notes and student notes as well as the classroom video, as well as class packs of consumables.

Materials And Equipment

  • Screwdrivers
  • Computers
  • Boxford CNC router
  • Hot glue guns
  • Steel rules
  • Sanding paper
  • Hammer
  • Soldering irons and solder
  • Wheels
  • Gear box and gears
  • Forex
  • Hook up cable
  • Power Anchor

Class Pack

Code: PADP
  • 100 wheels
  • 50 axles
excl. GST
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