Coaster Caddie


This is a snappy little project where students explore the surface design possibilities of aluminium (polishing, punching, burnishing, sanding), as well as using a strip heater to bend the holder into shape. The surface area is small making it a contained design. Each student is given four blank aluminium squares which they then make their pattern on, stick on two strips of adhesive felt (on the underside) and then place in the holder. This project does not come with a set of notes. The following video (coming soon) shows how to make the coasters and the design opportunities.

Materials And Equipment

  • Wet and dry (600 grit)
  • Masking tape
  • Contact adhesive
  • Punches
  • Drill with wire brush
  • Scriber and steel rule
  • Strip heater to bend the plastic
  • Brasso and rag
  • Adhesive felt

Download of Design Ideas

Adhesive felt

Code: CCAF

Cut two thin strips of the adhesive felt and stick them to the undersides of each of the coasters …

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Coaster holders

Code: CCCH

These coaster holders come in packs of 25 in random colours. They come flat. Using a strip …

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Aluminium blanks

Code: CCAB

These aluminium blanks (80mm x 80mm) can be turned into coasters by making the top surface …

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