Vacuum Forming Sheet


Packs of 100 sheets of 1mm and 1.5mm HIPS for vacuum forming. Sheet size 458mm x 254mm sized for the 725 FLB vacuum former.

Colours: black, white, green, red, blue (each pack is one colour only)

Unit price: $175.00

  • Code: HB10 - 1mm Black
  • Code: HW10 - 1mm White
  • Code: HR10 - 1mm Red
  • Code: HG10 - 1mm Green
  • Code: HBLU10 - 1mm Blue
  • Code: HB15 - 1.5mm Black
  • Code: HW15 - 1.5mm White
  • Code: HR15 - 1.5mm Red
  • Code: HG15 - 1.5mm Green
  • Code: HBLU15 - 1.5mm Blue
How to order:

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